Child of Rage

Book I am reading:  A Storm of Swords

Booze in my flagon:  Pinot noir

Chapters:  Arya XII, Tyrion IX,  Jaime VIII


Arya XII

Surprise!  Arya wasn’t killed by Sandor at the Red Wedding.  He just knocked her out with the flat end of an axe.  She’s not surprisingly pretty depressed and just wants to sleep.  When she does sleep, she has a lot of wolf dreams where she’s warging Nymeria.  Nymeria has a giant pack that she’s leading.

A female alpha wolf?

Sandor however, forces Arya to wake up every morning.  We know from Bran chapters that it’s probably for the best, she would lose herself if she stayed in Nymeria all the time.  But Arya doesn’t know this and she’s not pleased.

At least Arya finally has her own horse now.  The horse had run away from the Twins during the RW and so Arya named her Craven.

Arya keeps telling herself that she’ll kill The Hound in his sleep, or take Craven and run away, but she never does.  She has nowhere to go.

They go on like this for days.  Arya sullen and The Hound full of barely contained rage.  He won’t tell her where they’re going and they avoid populated areas, so there’s no way to know.

One time, they come across an archer who’s dying from an infected mace wound.  Real shocker here, a Bolton man was the culprit.  Sandor mercy kills him and takes his dagger and coins.

They reach the foothills of the mountains and Sandor finally reveals that he’s taking her to the Eyrie to try and ransom her to Lysa.  Maybe while they’re there, they can have a nice tall refreshing glass of breast milk.   Arya is in denial that her mother is really dead and wants to go all the way back to the Twins.

That night she has a dream that she, as Nymeria finds Catelyn in the river.  There are tons of corpses there, but she sniffs Catelyn out.  She actually goes into the river and drags the body out.  She drives the other wolves away from the corpse and thinks “Rise.  Rise and eat and run with us.”  Then some men on horseback come along and the pack scatters.

The next morning, Sandor brings up her mother again, but Arya now says she knows she’s dead because she saw it in a dream.

When they get to the Vale, they find that it’s going to be about impossible to get up to the Eyrie.  There’s frost up in the mountains now and the clans are out in full force.  After being turned away from King’s Landing, they came back to wreak more havoc.

They spent days in a village.  Arya’s increasingly angry.  A little girl keeps following her around and talking about how her doll, Ser Soldier keeps her safe.  She steals the doll and rips it apart, tells the girl that now it really looks like a soldier and throws the doll in the brook.

One of my favorite nineties TV movies.  After Death of a Cheerleader, of course.

A couple of weeks later, the villagers, who know who The Hound is, make it plain that they are unwelcome.  So they leave and go back to the Riverlands.  The Hound decides that he’ll take her to Riverrun.  Arya suggests the Wall, but Sandor is not having it.  He wants to take vengeance on his brother.


Tyrion IX

Tyrion is talking with his uncle Kevan who informs that in the absence of a king, the trial will be led by Tywin.  Mace Tyrell and Oberyn Martell are to be co-judges.  He asks if he can request a trial by battle but Kevan advises against it because Cersei plans to name Gregor Clegane as the crown’s champion.  Tyrion requests a visit from Podrick Payne and tells Kevan that he didn’t do it.  Kevan doesn’t seem to believe him though.  When Pod comes, Tyrion tells him to send for Bronn, tell him there’s a lot of gold in it for him and not to return without Bronn.

Pod does not come back that day.  Tyrion struggles to come up with witnesses on his behalf and tries to figure out whodunit.  He thinks it’s Sansa at first, but doesn’t know where she could’ve gotten the poison without accomplices.  He doesn’t think that anyone will buy that she did it alone.  All the same, she’s the only witness he can think of.

When Kevan returns, he tells him that Ser Addam Marbrand is hunting for Sansa but the trial is to begin in three days.  Not much hope that’ll find witnesses in that time, considering that he’s locked up.

Finally, the next day, Pod returns with Bronn.  Bronn informs him that he’s about to marry Lollys Stokeworth.   She’s not the heir, but her older sister Falyse is barren and there are no males, so if Bronn gets her pregnant, he’ll get a son as an heir.  In other words, Bronn is more interested in climbing up the social ladder than helping Tyrion, and Falyse may not be long for this world.  Bronn refuses to be Tyrion’s champion.

It’s the morning of the trial and Addam Marbrand comes to escort him.  It seems to be the social event of the season.  Well, after the purple wedding anyway.  Everyone is there and everyone is dressed well.  Tywin asks Tyrion if he killed Joffrey.  Tyrion says no.  Then he is informed that he is to stay quiet while the witnesses against him testify.

Balon Swann and Meryn Trant and Boros Blount talk about all the times Tyrion was mean to Joffrey.  Including when he smacked him around a bit during the battle of Blackwater.  The Kettleblacks did the same.  Everyone glosses right over how much of an asshole Joffrey was.  At last Tyrion loses his temper and starts shouting.  He realizes right away how big of a mistake that was.  With that, the first day of the trial ends.

The second day, the Maesters testify.  They say they found no food in Joffrey’s throat, so he must have poisoned.  Pycelle tells of the time Tyrion stole poison from him.  Remember the time he gave Cersei the Hershey squirts to keep her out of the way?  He testifies that the poison used was the strangler, which we already knew.  Then a parade of nobles comes along to testify that he choked.  Lady Merryweather even says she saw Tyrion drop poison in the king’s cup.

So far this trial is kinda boring.  It reminds me of the summer of OJ Simpson’s trial.  I was annoyed because Days of Our Lives was always being preempted.  I’m not even ashamed about that.  I was 15.  The nineties were the glory days of Days.  When Marlena was possessed.

But I digress.

Another day ends.  Kevan comes back in to tell Tyrion that if he confesses, Tywin would permit him to take the black.  I admit I’d kind of hoped he would agree that because I would not hate seeing him and Jon interact again.  But he’s not having it.

The next day, Varys testifies.  He pretty much just confirms what everyone else said and that he knows because his little birds told him.  At the end of the day, Cersei says she has one final witness to speak on the morrow.

That night, there is a knock on the door.  He’s expecting Kevan, but surprise!  It’s Oberyn.  He tells Tyrion that Cersei has been working really hard to buy his vote against Tyrion.  She’s even hinting at marriage.  Oberyn tells him that by Dornish law, the throne should pass to Myrcella and of course, the Martells have Myrcella.  He hints that his brother, Prince Doran may crown her.  Tyrion says that even if Cersei would agree to that, Tywin wouldn’t allow it.  Oberyn says “your father may not live forever” in a wink wink, nudge nudge kind of way.

It is then that Oberyn reveals that he actually thinks that Tyrion is innocent.   Tyrion confirms that Gregor was the real killer of Aegon and rapist and killer of Elia, not Amory Lorch.  Then Oberyn finally gets to the point and says that he will step up as Tyrion’s champion.


Jaime VIII

Jaime has been emoing around the castle all Jon Snow style.  He’s been watching the trial, but just kind of hanging around at the back.  Cersei has been distant and he’s disowned, so he never hangs out with Tywin either.

He’s sitting all alone in Kingsguard HQ, the Round Room.  There’s a weirwood table with a big white book chronicling all the history of the KG.  He’s reading some of the recent entries and pouting about how Barristan Selmy had given him such a paltry entry when the other KG members come in.  It’s a super exciting Kingsguard meeting.

Jaime kind of scolds them for letting Joff die on their watch.  He asks their opinion on whether or not Tyrion is guilty.  They don’t seem to really know or care.  Oswald Kettleblack thinks it’s the High Septon.  Loras thinks it’s Sansa.  Aw.  That kind of makes me sad.  It’s bad enough when you’re a teenager and your crush isn’t into you.  How much would it suck if your crush thought you were a murderer.

Jaime changes the subject to the protection of Tommen, who will be the new king.  He decides that Boros Blount will taste everything Tommen eats or drinks to make sure it isn’t poisoned.  Boros is pretty pissed off about it but Jaime threatens him until he hawks a loogie on the ground and leaves.  It seems that even though Jaime is no longer capable of fighting, people still fear him out of habit.

Jaime scolds Meryn Trant for brutalizing Sansa on Joffrey’s orders.  He says that from now on, he’s to obey Jaime first and foremost.  One by one he questions and dismisses the KG members.  Until he is alone with Loras.  Loras is all extra cocky and Jaime realizes that he’s just like a younger version of himself.  He brings up Brienne.  Loras thinks she has to be guilty of killing Renly because how else could the death have happened if she weren’t part of it.  Jaime points out that the same could be said for Loras and the other KG present.  He convinces Loras to talk to Brienne and give her a fair hearing.

The chapter ends with Jaime thinking her has other debts to pay.  Whatever that means!


Deaths in this recap:  0.  Yeah, nothing really happened in these chapters.  All set up for the final chapters.

Cumulative deaths: 141

Maybe deaths in this recap: 0

Cumulative maybe deaths:  12

Betrayals in this recap: 0

Cumulative betrayals: 35

Incest incidents: 0

Cumulative incests: 27

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