For once a prologue in which the narrator doesn’t die

  Hello everybody.  My name is Sara and I am here to give you recaps of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.  No one can tell when The Winds Of Winter will arrive so we must do something to pass the time.

  The reason that these recaps will be extra special is that they will all be written while I am a little bit drunk, or in GRRM speak “in my cups.”  There will be snark and stupid pop culture references.  I will probably say things I regret.  It should be lots of fun.

  Just a warning, I’m going to assume that anybody who stumbles upon this has already read the books.  There will be no spoiler warnings.  It will also be assumed that anybody reading this already knows about the R + L = J theory.  You have been warned.

  My first recap will most likely go up on Tuesday.  We’ll start at the beginning with A Game Of Thrones.  Crack upon a box of wine and join me.

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